Making your investments work

“Sterling is an impressive group, the services they provide, their knowledge and understanding of people coupled with their business augment is outstanding….the right choice when selecting a Human Capital group” 

Lawrence Berestka, President & CEO, Clinton Savings Bank (ret)   Clinton, MA



“Kevin has an extensive and impressive background in placement - finance, banking, information technology and general management. His style is one of a mentor, motivator and solicitor of input and feedback. He is very good at summarizing salient and key points and is a very quick study with understanding client needs. He is very adept at building and nurturing relationships. He has a way of imparting his perspective in a very effective manner. I find him to be one of the most professional and interesting people I have met - I consider him to be a coach/mentor of mine.” June 21, 2007

Douglas Emond, VP Corporate Finance, Fidelity Investments



“I've known Kevin for many years, and have always been extremely impressed at his knowledge and instincts as a business leader. Kevin knows how to get the heart of complex business environments, and relationships, to create winning outcomes for his companies and partner companies. And I have to add Kevin's integrity, and willingness to go beyond "just business" has always been a part of who he is.”  June 11, 2010


Doug Newman, President, Applied Systems Technology, NY



Sterling Staffing is a team of some very serious HR Business Partners helping small to med sized companies primarily in the Telecommunication/Wireless industry and the Banking and Financial institutions. Our niche is talent management, reaching out and acquiring the best of talent.  At Sterling, we master the use of technology, understand the idiosyncrasies of people and blend them together to form creative solutions, solutions that influence the bottom-line generating revenue for your business.




We know what it takes to identify, acquire, and retain exceptional talent, engage your employees, anticipate our client’s needs and have the creative ability to offer them innovative solutions that increase revenues.



The foundation for this wisdom comes from the knowledge learned over the past two decades of “hands on” experience working with people from all lifestyles, across diverse industries, understanding the unpredictable and often times volatile human emotions that come to play in the workplace.