Raising your workforce initiatives to the next level


Sterling offers the best solution to your hiring needs, a Virtual Recruiter.  Forget hiring extra staff along with an increase in benefits such as healthcare etc to handle recruiting. Behind the scenes, we can provide recruiters at a moments notice to provide full cycle recruitment. Recruitment by experienced recruiters,  and billed on an hourly basis.  You control each recruitment project, turning it off and on like water. You decide the project, the scope, time, cost, and how involved you want us to be. The only limit here is your imagination.

  • Lower your recruiting costs to executive search firms, internal recruiters salaries and benefits costs,
  • Pay a low hourly rate
  • Sourcing
  • Improve diversity
  • Interviewing
  • background checks
  • Social Media sourcing and recruiting
  • Salary negotiations
  • Lower your cost-per-hire ratios
  • Hire the best candidates 
  • Reduce time-to-fill rates
There are cost effective ways to obtain exceptional talent, and we can show you how to improve your recruiting and sourcing techniques for securing that talent. First, we begin with our Snapshot Assessment and look at everything from the way you source your candidates, how you sort through resumes, conduct your interviews, screen and qualify the candidates you end up hiring.

We understand that no one company can do all things for all people, that is why at Sterling, we focus only on your investment in the people side of business. Designing and implementing a recruiting process/staffing initiative tailored to fit your needs is what we do. Our recommendations are not cliff notes from a recent book reading, but rather firm knowledge learned from decades of hands on experience working with people from all lifestyles, across diverse industries, understanding the unpredictable and often times volatile human emotions that come to play in the workplace. Nor do we offer “one size fits all” programs as a viable workforce solution because we believe your employees are unique and need solutions tailored to fit them, specifically.