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Are you tired of playing résumé roulette?

Anyone can write a résumé. How many can write a multi-million dollar commercial loan?

At Sterling Staffing a polished résumé is just the beginning. When it comes to executive recruiting, we dig beneath the surface, working with top banking prospects to uncover their real strengths and talents. After all, the banking industry is about more than numbers. It's about people. Some candidates come with a great skill set. But what about their mind set? Are they lone wolves or leaders? Can they hit the ground running— and hit the ball out of the park?

Finding a perfect match on your own costs time, money and missed business opportunities. Fill a bank position with the wrong person and you'll be back at square one. Fill it right the first time and you've got a star performer who will take your team to the next level.

We have the banking experience and HR expertise required to turn your hiring chore into something more. With Sterling on your side, an open position is an open invitation to the best and brightest in the banking industry. Shouldn't they be working for you?

When you're tired of résumé roulette, call Sterling. We take the gamble out of hiring.

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